SME – Smart Manufacturing: Digital Transformation


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Smart Manufacturing

With more than 20 years of experience managing engineering projects, Ajoy Kapila serves as Senior Corporate Optimization Engineer for MillerCoors, LLC. Active in his professional community, Ajoy Kapila maintains membership in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), which will hold an event titled Smart Manufacturing: Digital Transformation on November 15, 2017.

Smart Manufacturing: Digital Transformation will take place in Chicago, bringing together a diverse group of technologists, manufacturing engineers, control engineers, product designers, quality managers, and IT and OT professionals. The event comes at a time when digitization is disrupting every aspect of manufacturing operations and the supply chain.

Attendees will learn from experts about how smart manufacturing technologies lower operational costs, improve manufacturing processes, and lead to more efficiency and greater productivity. The event will also expose attendees to technology related to the automation and big data, and attendees will hear advice from experts about how to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology in industrial networks.

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